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NetImpact Holdings, Inc. Secures Option For New MDS200 License: Identify Infected Sheep And Goats, Protect Against Spread Of Chronic Waste Disease

10/19/2005 5:10:02 PM

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NetImpact Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: NTHD) announces the Company has secured an option for a new exclusive license to further develop the MDS200 technology. Currently capable of testing humans for infectious diseases, the new option allows a NetImpact team of MDS200 scientists to develop the technology to identify Chronic Wasting disease in sheep and goats as well as Mad Cow Disease in cattle. NetImpact expects the lab in a box to be ready to test for Mad Cow disease and shortly thereafter for Chronic Wasting disease in 4-6 months.

Chronic Wasting disease is similar to Mad Cow disease and has been reported in animals roaming the U.S. One percent of white tailed deer and fifteen percent of wild mule deer tested in captive herds in Wisconsin and Colorado were found to be infected with Chronic Wasting disease. The media and independent groups monitoring the spread of the disease note that hunters are checking whether animals they kill are testing positive. Hunters are concerned that eating infected meat could develop Creutzfeldt-Jakob, a neurological disorder that results in severe cognitive impairment and possible death. The exact cause of the spread of the disease from infected animal to normal animal is unknown, but it may be transmittable through their saliva, urine, feces, contaminated food and water. The MDS200 lab in a box technology is being developed to specifically test cattle and is expected to also identify the disease in sheep and goats, thus protecting against its spread to humans.

NetImpact is preparing to apply to the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense for research and development monies to put these versions of the lab in a box into use without delay. The Company is pursuing partnerships with other firms and investment capital groups in the U.S., Canada, England, Japan and Australia.

About the MDS200

The MDS200 lab in a box is a breakthrough technology for disease detection. Currently used on solids, gases and fluids, it is capable of automatic preparation and testing of difficult and dirty samples containing cell, protein, nucleic acid and chemical analytes. About the size of a small suitcase, the MDS200 is a rugged portable laboratory designed for use in remote areas with non-existent or scarce laboratory facilities and readily carried from location to location. Test results are available in a matter of hours, displayed on the unit's LED, and can be sent via satellite or dial up connections to monitoring centers. Once sample has been placed in the lab in a box the processing is spontaneous. Operating an MDS200 does not require a trained lab technician.

About NetImpact Holdings, Inc.

NetImpact Holdings, Inc. is a technology-to-market company focusing on the installation, restructuring and management of global healthcare and medical delivery systems. Through acquisitions and extensive access to international/U.S. distribution networks, NetImpact specializes in presenting technology that will assist in the improvement of productivity, applications development, and technology transfer in developing countries. The Company's NetCare Division, Medical and Diagnostic Devices Division, and Neurowave Division are moving their technologies, products and services to an awaiting market.

Safe Harbor Statement

The statements in this release that are not historical facts are forward- looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. NetImpact Holdings, Inc. intends that such forward-looking statements be subject to the safe harbors created thereby. These forward-looking statements include predictions, estimates and other statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties any, or all, of which could cause actual results to differ materially from any future performance suggested herein. While this outlook represents NetImpact Holdings, Inc.'s current judgment on the future direction of the business, such risks and uncertainties may individually, or mutually, impact the matters herein described, including but not limited to product acceptance, the economy, competition, governmental actions, results of litigation, technological and/or other factors, which are outside the control of NetImpact Holdings, Inc. as well as those risks and uncertainties detailed in the Company's Security and Exchange Commission filings.

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NetImpact Holdings, Inc.

CONTACT: Jerry Jennings, Emerson Gerard Associates, +1-561-881-7318,, for NetImpact Holdings

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