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System Biosciences (SBI) Release: Convenient Identification Of Interferon Response In RNAi Experiments

10/19/2005 5:12:00 PM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 29 /PRNewswire/ -- System Biosciences (SBI) announced the launch of its Interferon Response Detection Kit for validation of siRNA experiments. SBI's new kit helps ensure that investigators using RNA interference (RNAi) observe biological responses that result from the specific gene they are studying by providing a way to determine if an experimental cell system is undergoing a general interferon-related stress response. Differentiating this type of non-specific response from the specific effects that result from inhibiting a particular gene is critical to understand gene function and how genes control biological processes such as disease pathology and organism development.

RNAi has proven to be a powerful technique to analyze gene function by specifically inhibiting the expression of any selected gene. However, it has been recently shown that some small-interfering RNA (siRNA) can produce a non-specific stress response that affects general cellular protein expression levels and confuse the interpretation of data obtained from RNAi experiments. SBI's Interferon Response Detection Kit offers researchers a convenient PCR-based assay to determine if siRNA are stimulating a non-specific interferon stress response when they are used to selectively block expression of specific genes.

Using either standard end-point PCR or qRT-PCR, SBI's Interferon Response Detection Kit measures the expression levels of five different genes -- the commonly used markers for interferon-stimulated pathways. Since activation of interferon-induced stress genes and pathways can vary significantly, depending on cell types, growth conditions, and the design and concentration of siRNA, the use of five interferon markers ensures robust and accurate results.

SBI is based in Mountain View, California and focuses on developing tools and services to facilitate genome-wide functional screening, discovery, and analysis of genes that regulate biological responses.

To learn more about System Biosciences, please visit Contact: Scott Artis 650-968-2200 x101

System Biosciences

CONTACT: Scott Artis of System Biosciences, +1-650-968-2200, ext. 101,or

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