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ASCEND Therapeutics, Inc. Raises Awareness Of Breast Pain And Density Concerns During National Women's Health Week

10/19/2005 5:11:15 PM

HERNDON, Va., May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Dedicated to easing severe breast pain and other problematic breast-related conditions, ASCEND Therapeutics, a leading researcher and developer of pharmaceutical transdermal therapies, will make available interviews with key executives and medical researchers for journalists working on stories related to breast health during National Women's Health Week, May 9-15 2004.

"Few of us realize that breast pain afflicts nearly 75% of all premenopausal women, with up to 30% experiencing moderate to severe pain for more than 5 days a month. Yet, treatment for breast pain and other breast health conditions goes largely unrecognized," states Jay Bua, president and CEO of ASCEND Therapeutics. "We are focused on developing a transdermal therapy that can help reduce pain, discomfort and anxiety of cyclic mastalgia and other breast-related conditions."

ASCEND has been working aggressively since 2001 on treatments to alleviate benign breast disease. In Phase 2 trials at the present time, ASCEND Therapeutics' TamoGel(TM), a new estrogen inhibitor for transdermal application, is currently completing an international multi-center Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate its efficacy in reducing or eliminating cyclic mastalgia, or breast pain, associated with menstrual cycle changes. Results from a second multi-center Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate TamoGel(TM)'s efficacy in reducing breast density that can obscure mammogram readings are expected this summer.

Research conducted in the area of benign breast disease by D. N. Ader, Ph.D., of the National Institutes of Health, reveals that untreated cyclic mastalgia is a common problem that can be sufficiently severe in up to 30% of women under 55 to interfere with usual activities, and has been associated with elevated mammography usage in young women.

National Women's Health Week is a national effort by an alliance of government organizations to raise awareness about manageable steps women can take to improve their health. The focus is on the importance of incorporating simple preventive and positive health behaviors into everyday life. For more information on this important initiative, visit

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