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Agendia BV Obtains Exclusive European Rights To Arcturus Bioscience, Inc.'s TUO-Gene Expression Profile

10/19/2005 5:12:37 PM

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands and MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, February 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Agendia and Arcturus have signed a license agreement under which Agendia obtained the exclusive European rights to the TUO-gene expression profile (Tumor of Unknown Origin) discovered by Arcturus. Using this profile, Agendia has developed CupPrint(TM), a gene expression-based diagnostic test to be used with patients diagnosed with Cancer Unknown Primary. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

The potential of CupPrint(TM) will be presented today by Professor Rene Bernards, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Agendia, during the American Association for Cancer Research Oncogenomics 2005 conference in San Diego, California USA.

Cancer of Unknown Primary (CUP), also known as UPT (Unknown Primary Tumor) or TUO (Tumor of Unknown Origin) is diagnosed when distant metastasis is discovered in a patient, but the primary tumor is unknown. CUP accounts for 5 - 10% of all new cancer referrals and is the fourth most common cause of cancer mortality. Generally, CUP patients face a poor prognosis with mean survival rates of 6-9 months. Identification of the primary tumor enables specifically targeted clinical treatment, which markedly enhances the chances of success.

CupPrint(TM) is a gene expression profiling service that offers an alternative to conventional cancer diagnostics. CupPrint(TM) employs a (continuously expanding) gene expression database of currently 32 different tissue types and 78 tumor types, and can therefore rapidly determine whether the primary tumor belongs to one of the major categories. If so, treatment can be specifically geared to the patient's needs, offering a major improvement in the clinical results and the patient's prognosis. The service will be available early spring this year.

Robert Schueren, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Arcturus is pleased that Agendia has developed his company's TUO-gene expression profile into an application available to European oncologists and patients, "Agendia is the world's first provider of a cancer diagnostic service based on DNA microarray technology: MammaPrint(R). Thanks to their expertise in this area, we are pleased to partner with Agendia to employ our TUO-profile in their new diagnostic service."

According to Bernhard Sixt, Agendia's Chief Executive Officer, adding CupPrint(TM) to the portfolio underlines Agendia's strategy to provide new and better cancer diagnostics. "Our aim is to develop products that assist oncologists and physicians to determine who should be treated in which specific way. Targeted, tailor-made clinical treatments plans are essential in maximizing a patient's chances of a cure. CupPrint(TM) is a clear example of a tool that allows such a specific clinical approach."

About Agendia

Agendia is a world leader in gene expression analysis-based diagnostics. The company focuses on the development and commercialization of diagnostic tests using tumor gene expression profiling. Agendia was the first to commercialize a prognostic test - MammaPrint(R) - that predicts the chance of breast cancer recurrence. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Agendia is a privately owned biotechnology company that, being a spin off of the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has a strong base in top-level cancer research. Next to the development of new cancer diagnostics, Agendia offers its expertise in finding new prospective gene expression profiles to companies focusing on new drug development in the area of oncology. About Arcturus Bioscience, Inc.

Arcturus is the industry leader in Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM) and reagent systems for microgenomics, the molecular analysis of microscopic tissue samples, with systems installed in leading cancer centers and other research and clinical laboratories worldwide. These tools enable researchers to perform rapid cell-based analysis of disease progression utilizing the smallest and purest samples currently available. Arcturus has developed this unique technology platform for genetic analysis of biopsy samples and has applied its platform to discover cell-specific gene signatures associated with human diseases such as cancer. Arcturus is a privately held company headquartered in Mountain View, California.

Agendia BV and Arcturus Bioscience, Inc.

CONTACT: Agendia, Dr Bernhard Sixt, +31-205-129-161, .Arcturus, Robert A. Schueren, +1 650-965-3020

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