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Dharmacon, Inc. Launches siARRAY RTF(TM) siRNA Libraries; First-Ever Using Reverse Transfection Technology

10/19/2005 5:12:43 PM

LAFAYETTE, Colo., April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Dharmacon, Inc., the world's leading supplier of innovative RNA and RNA interference (RNAi) products, today announced the launch of its siARRAY RTF(TM) siRNA Libraries, an innovative new product line that allows researchers to screen RNAi libraries rapidly, easily and at much lower cost than traditional methods. The new product's simplicity and affordability are expected to make it possible for researchers in laboratories with limited bioinformatics, automation, or sample-banking resources to conduct a wide variety of high-throughput, RNAi-interference studies. In addition, it is anticipated that the new format will be very attractive to all high-throughput screening labs employing RNAi because of its ease of use. The siARRAY RTF siRNA product format is currently available for 26 different siRNA libraries.

The siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries are designed for the effective delivery of siRNA to mammalian cells in a high-throughput screening, reverse-transfection format for the study of entire gene families or regulatory pathways. siARRAY RTF Libraries are easy to use because they are supplied with the siRNA reagents pre-dispensed into 96-well plates that also include positive and negative controls. This reduces the overall cost of the preliminary screen and virtually eliminates expensive and time-consuming liquid handling and sample-banking requirements. By eliminating multiple pipetting, dilution and other liquid-dispensing steps, the siARRAY RTF platform also reduces the opportunity for errors and exposure to environmental conditions that may cause degradation of RNA.

"The launch of the revolutionary siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries is another first for Dharmacon and an example of the company's ongoing commitment to leadership in expanding the availability of advanced RNAi research tools to researchers around the globe," said Leland Foster, president and chief executive officer of the Fisher Biosciences group. "We are proud that Dharmacon is now offering its market-leading siRNA technology in a format that will enable any researcher who wants to conduct experiments using the power of RNA interference to do so simply and cost effectively. We expect that the availability of Dharmacon's siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries will greatly expand the number of laboratories able to use siRNA libraries as powerful research tools."

The siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries contain pre-selected groups of rationally designed siRNA reagents targeting genes confirmed to be relevant to a particular pathway or gene family. The gene targets for each array have been selected according to biological and molecular relationships as defined by the Gene Ontology Consortium.

siARRAY RTF siRNA Library reagents are designed using Dharmacon's proprietary SMARTselection(TM) and SMARTpool(R) technologies to assure efficient and potent gene silencing. The pre-dispensed libraries are supplied in triplicate and ready for a transfection into the cell type of interest for rapid screening. siARRAY RTF siRNA libraries are supplied with DharmaFECT(TM) transfection-reagent and-optimized cell-culture reagent for the best possible results.

Dharmacon also offers siARRAY RTF optimization plates that enable researchers to optimize the reverse-transfection process in their specific cell lines before conducting experiments with the actual siARRAY RTF siRNA Library plates.

For more information on siARRAY RTF siRNA Libraries, visit, or call 303-604-9499.

About Dharmacon

Dharmacon is the world's leading provider of reliable, high-quality RNA oligonucleotides, small-interfering RNA (siRNA) and related RNA-interference (RNAi) products and technologies. Dharmacon is part of the Life Sciences division of Fisher Biosciences, a unit of Fisher Scientific International Inc. Using its core expertise in chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and production, Dharmacon develops industry-leading siRNA design, chemical-modification and delivery technologies for maximizing the efficiency of gene silencing. Dharmacon's proprietary SMARTselection(TM) and SMARTpool(R) technologies result in potent and specific gene-silencing agents that can accelerate life-science research and drug discovery. Dharmacon's siGENOME(TM), a comprehensive and flexible siRNA collection, offers guaranteed silencing reagents for all unique human mouse and rat genes. The company's advanced siRNA modification technologies further enhance silencing specificity, stability, and in vivo performance. Dharmacon was founded in 1995 and is based in Lafayette, Colo.

Contacts: Dharmacon: Michael Deines Media: Barbara Lindheim Vice President, Sales and Marketing GendeLLindheim BioCom Partners 303-604-9499 212-918-4650

Dharmacon, Inc.

CONTACT: Michael Deines, Vice President, Sales and Marketing ofDharmacon, +1-303-604-9499; or Media, Barbara Lindheim of GendeLLindheimBioCom Partners, +1-212-918-4650, for Dharmacon, Inc.

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