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GENpathway Inc. Launches Next-Generation Tools For Analyzing Gene Transcription, Regulation And Corresponding Genetic Pathways

10/19/2005 5:12:56 PM

SAN DIEGO, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Genpathway, Inc. today announced the availability of its novel tools enabling discovery and characterization of differential gene transcription, components and processes for gene regulation, and corresponding genetic pathways.

In contrast to RNA profiling methods, Genpathway's tools measure the process of transcription rather than the product of the process (RNA). These innovative tools -- TranscriptionPath(TM), FactorPath(TM) and PromoterPath(TM) -- provide knowledge about changes in gene expression and regulation with greater accuracy and reproducibility, and generate information that is unattainable using other available technologies.

"Scientists use RNA profiling to measure accumulated levels of RNA. They also see substantial added value in tools that measure the actual transcription of genes -- including the relative levels at which genes are being expressed -- and tools that generate a more accurate picture of differential gene activation and repression. Genpathway provides these tools," said Mary Warren, Chief Scientific Officer of Genpathway. "RNA profiling faces challenges because RNA is relatively unstable, the data analysis is difficult, and determining which genes are coordinately regulated can only be done by inference. Genpathway's new tools go beyond RNA profiling but can also be used to clarify or verify RNA profiling results."

"When studying changes in gene expression, I would rather measure transcription directly than accumulated levels of RNA," said James Kadonaga, Chairman of Molecular Biology at the University of California, San Diego. "Genpathway's TranscriptionPath(TM) provides insight into changes in gene expression that could not be obtained by conventional microarray analysis. These tools are particularly useful to anyone who wants to identify or characterize genes that are activated or repressed upon treatment with a stimulus, such as a drug."

Genpathway's proprietary tools include: -- TranscriptionPath(TM): Identification and quantitation of gene transcription based on isolation and characterization of DNA/transcription machinery complexes. -- FactorPath(TM): Discovery and quantitation of binding by transcription factors and coactivators. -- PromoterPath(TM): Identification of promoters and enhancers, and quantitation of their use. Genpathway offers two informative modes of analysis for each tool: -- QueryMode(TM): Investigates specific genes or genomic regions for transcription or protein binding. -- DiscoveryMode(TM): Scans across the genome for all sequences involved in transcription or gene regulation. ABOUT GENPATHWAY, INC.

Genpathway is a systems biology company developing innovative tools that identify and analyze complex biological pathways to drive discovery and testing of novel pharmaceuticals, biomarkers and diagnostic tests.

CONTACT: Mary Moynihan M2Friend Communications 802 951 9600

Genpathway, Inc.

CONTACT: Mary Moynihan of M2Friend Communications, +1-802-951-9600,, for Genpathway, Inc.

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