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Pharmaprojects Launches New Searchable Drug Target And Lipinski Fields

10/19/2005 5:11:09 PM

LONDON, August 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Pharmaprojects, the world's leading source of business-critical intelligence on drugs in global R&D, is pleased to announce that Monday 16th August will be the launch date of Pharmaprojects Version 5.1 for the Web, which will enable our customers to search the Pharmaprojects database by protein drug targets and Lipinski's 'Rule of 5' parameters.

Search by protein drug targets

Our expert team of scientific editors has researched protein drug targets for all 32,000+ drug profiles on Pharmaprojects. As a result, we have identified over 1,300 proteins as drug targets (including 1,200 unique human proteins) for drugs that have been in R&D since 1980, bringing you a target searching facility with unrivalled detail and comprehensiveness. Precise drug targets have been assigned to over 43% of drugs on the database, giving a highly detailed picture of drug development strategies pursued over more than two decades.

Pharmaprojects Version 5.1 enables customers to search by complete or partial target name or LocusLink/Entrez Gene ID number, for easy identification of all drugs acting on a target of interest. The target name picklist, which includes all synonyms and gene codes by which each target is known, has been enhanced considerably by Pharmaprojects' editors to resolve inconsistencies and ambiguities in naming, to facilitate easier searching. In addition, it is now possible to access specific Entrez Gene target profiles and a wealth of further information in the public databases, by simply clicking a hyperlink in the Pharmaprojects drug profile.

"For any company tracking pharmaceutical R&D, or any company developing drugs against novel targets, this will be an invaluable tool," says Ian Lloyd, Managing Editor of Pharmaprojects. "Using this new feature, you can quickly check for target novelty, see who else is working on similar targets and for what indications, pick up the hottest licensing opportunities, spot drugs suitable for reprofiling, and avoid potential problem areas, all at the click of a button."

New chemical search fields- Lipinski parameters and rotatable bonds

With Pharmaprojects Version 5.1, it is also now possible to search across our 14,000+ chemical structures for compounds that obey/disobey Lipinski's 'Rule of 5'. This can be used to predict which compounds are most likely to be orally bioavailable. In addition, clients have the ability to search the database for compounds having a certain number of rotatable bonds, which can be used to predict membrane permeability and oral bioavailability.

With the new protein target data and chemical data fields, we now have 73 searchable fields - giving our customers even greater search flexibility and millions of possible search strategies.

Pharmaprojects Version 5.1 also features enhanced text searching functionality, and it is now possible to search by using phrases, strings, wildcards or truncation. Customers will also benefit from the software's improved speed and from our weekly updates.

About Pharmaprojects

Pharmaprojects, the leading database tracking global pharmaceutical development from early preclinical study through to launch or discontinuation , has 24 years' experience as an information provider to the industry. Pharmaprojects uses a fully-searchable application that allows you to pinpoint the specific information you are looking for, whether it be comprehensive drug profiles, a competitor's pipeline or licensing opportunities.

Pharmaprojects is available weekly on the Web and monthly via CD-ROM format; the data is also accessible weekly via online hosts PJB Publications, Dialog and Datastar, Ovid Technologies and STN International. Further information can be found at

About PJB Publications

PJB Publications, established in 1976, is a publishing company of business-to-business information. Specialist areas include pharmaceuticals on which it publishes the twice-weekly newsletter Scrip, medical devices and diagnostics, biotechnology, veterinary products, crop protection, agribusiness, clinical research and regulatory affairs. PJB Publications is a trading division of T&F Informa plc.


CONTACT: For editorial information regarding the target data contact:Jan Beal, Biotech Editor, Pharmaprojects, Telephone+44-(0)20-7017-6885, Facsimile +44-(0)20-7017-6898,; For editorial information regarding thenew chemical search fields contact: Wendy Manning, DeputyEditor, Pharmaprojects, Telephone +44-(0)20-7017-6887,Facsimile +44-(0)20-7017-6898, E-mail

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