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TransnetYX Launches High Speed Genotyping Service, Allows Researchers To Research

10/19/2005 5:10:18 PM

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- TransnetYX announced today the successful development and launch of its rapid-turnaround mouse genotyping service. The company's automated system provides online reporting of genotyping results in as little as 24 hours -- giving researchers timely test results and freeing lab staff to perform more productive duties.

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Outsourcing genotyping services to TransnetYX simplifies one of the most unwieldy processes in the laboratory environment -- extracting and testing DNA -- while culling inventories of unneeded mice and testing supplies. Specifically, TransnetYX serves biotech and medical researchers working with transgenic, knock-out/knock-in, transgenic with knock-out, or targeted mutagenesis mouse lines. In addition to in-depth sequence identification, the system can also provide positive/negative information on the zygosity of submitted samples.

Since the 1980s, scientists have used the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique to "amplify" genetic samples through millions-fold replication, making the DNA molecules easier to examine and identify. While the development of PCR was a Nobel-worthy scientific milestone, the tedious process often taxes both patience and resources at research facilities and introduces the risk of human errors.

By contrast, TransnetYX's process is simple and efficient: - The customer places an online order. - The customer preps and sends the tail-sample using special materials and a preprinted shipping label supplied by TransnetYX. - The next morning at the TransnetYX clean room, DNA is isolated and measured for purity and quantity. Then the sample is screened for the presence of the gene sequence of interest. - An e-mail alerts the researcher that the final results are ready on the secure TransnetYX Web site.

The secret behind the rapid turnaround is a fully automated genotyping system that separates DNA using a unique process that avoids noxious chemicals while producing very consistent and pure DNA yields.

The process' inventor, Timothy Hodge, first conceived the TransnetYX system during his molecular genetics grad-student days, when he was working late nights in a local blood lab to pay the rent. By day, he worked in a university research facility, conducting the tedious, time-consuming methods to genotype samples. By comparison, the similarly complex blood analysis he managed at night was easy, as he relied on sophisticated equipment to analyze and sort hundreds of blood samples many times faster than his daytime DNA testing.

"I saw no reason why high speed automation couldn't be applied to this monotonous laboratory function," explained Hodge, who is now the president of TransnetYX. "We want to give genetic researchers the time and space to focus on meaningful and rewarding work."

Founded in 1999 in Cordova, Tennessee (Memphis area), TransnetYX is a diagnostics company dedicated to serving research and saving time by removing redundant yet necessary tests conducted in genetics. Visit TransnetYX online at .

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