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MiraiBio, Inc. Launches DNASIS GeneIndex Version 3.5

10/19/2005 5:08:47 PM

SAN FRANCISCO, June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Cambridge Healthtech Institute Beyond Genome Conference, MiraiBio Inc. today previewed version 3.5 of DNASIS(R) GeneIndex Internet-based data mining and knowledge retrieval service. GeneIndex v3.5 software will be commercially available July 1 of this year.

GeneIndex provides researchers the ability to query over 20 public and commercial bio-databases for DNA and protein sequences using common web-browsers and a single query search system. Sequence-related information from journal abstracts is retrieved using weighted keywords and a proprietary search engine. SSL encryption is employed in all sessions for maximum security.

"With genomic and proteomic data expanding exponentially, researchers in academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical institutions need faster and better methods to gather information," commented Masakazu Kuji, Chief Executive Officer. "Our GeneIndex web-based service solution provides researchers the ability to search multiple public and commercial databases with a single query. To further simplify data and knowledge mining, our software automatically determines all logical pathways between databases. These pathways can currently run through transcription, genome, pathways, chromosomes, genes, protein, protein structure, gene expression and motif databases."

Notable functionality additions to DNASIS GeneIndex Version 3.5 include search engine logical operators, association search, phrase keyword support, abstract cluster analysis, satellite model system integration, streamlined navigation, and online help. Databases accessible through GeneIndex include NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) GeneBank, Human Genome, Mouse Genome, SAGEmap, UniGene, RefSeq, DbSNP, and HomoloGen; EBI (European Bioinformatics Institute) EMBL and TrEMBL; NLM (National Library of Medicine) Pub-Med; KEGG (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genome) PATHWAY; DDBJ (DNA Data Bank of Japan;); SIB (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics); RCSB (Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics); LocusLink, SWISS-PROT, PROSITE, and Pfam.

About MiraiBio:

MiraiBio is a forward-looking company with a significant background in the life sciences. Incorporated in 1999, MiraiBio draws upon more than 12 years of imaging, spectroscopy and microarray experience to develop useful, innovative tools for life science laboratories. As part of Hitachi Software Engineering Co., Ltd., MiraiBio also provides powerful software and bioinformatics tools to continually improve your lab's efficiency and productivity. With this wealth of experience and the ability to incorporate the newest technologies, MiraiBio continues to enable genomic and proteomic research in drug discovery, basic research, biodefense, and forensics. Working closely with life science researchers and technicians, the company's core mission is to deliver solutions that do far more than follow technology trends; that put tomorrow's research tools into the laboratory today. Please visit our Web site at:

For additional information regarding this announcement, please contact: Tateo Nagai Director, Bioinformatics Phone: 510-337-2005 Email:

MiraiBio Inc.

CONTACT: Tateo Nagai, Director of Bioinformatics of MiraiBio,+1-510-337-2005, or

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