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Insight Pharmaceuticals Introduces Sucrets(R) Complete For The Cold And Flu Season

10/19/2005 5:12:58 PM

BLUE BELL, Pa., Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Insight Pharmaceuticals announced the introduction of new Sucrets(R) Complete lozenges, a "complete", multi-symptom cough/cold lozenge now available at retailers across the country. Synonymous with cough and cold care for over 75 years, new Sucrets(R) Complete provides complete cough/cold relief and is the only multi-symptom OTC product that suppresses coughs, soothes sore throats, cools nasal passages, fights bad breath and contains extra doses of Vitamin C and zinc. The only all-in-one lozenge to contain the active ingredient Dyclonine, rated the best active ingredient of it's kind (#1) by the country's most respected consumer magazine, Sucrets(R) Complete provides immediate, long lasting sore throat relief while fighting colds at the same time.

"With so many different products available to consumers, our goal was to innovate and invigorate a category that has largely relied on the status quo. The idea of a comprehensive, "all-in-one" product to treat multiple cold/flu symptoms is in direct response to consumers' desire for simpler solutions, effectively breaking through the clutter in consumers 'sea of choices'," noted Jeffrey Nugent, CEO, Insight Pharmaceuticals. "This is the biggest news to hit the category in a very long time, with positive response from both consumers and the trade. We recognize we have a winner in our portfolio and with an increased focus on direct-to-consumer marketing to support the launch, we're poised for success."

In a national quantitative research study*, Sucrets(R) Complete outperformed Chloroseptic(R), Cepacol(R) and Halls(R) Max brands in the following categories:

1) uniqueness of product 2) likelihood to buy 3) number of times likely to buy next cold season

Packaged in a convenient-sized, reusable tin, the product's packaging and graphics have been revamped to take on a nostalgic, yet contemporary look and feel. Sucrets(R) Complete is available in two flavors -- Vapor Cherry and Cool Citrus, as well as a unique limited edition version in the familiar tin.

"Sucrets is a brand consumers have grown up with; one they know and trust. Having that heritage certainly helps when consumers are making their purchase decision at shelf," added Mickael Tukdarian, Vice President of Sales, Insight Pharmaceuticals. "Other products claim to offer multiple benefits but this one really does."

About Insight Pharmaceuticals

Headquartered in Blue Bell, PA, Insight Pharmaceuticals was founded to acquire consumer OTC products that have strong brand equities, unique consumer benefits and, with innovative marketing and product improvements, the potential for reinvigoration and growth. Acquired from larger companies/manufacturers whose main focus is typically on their flagship brands, many of these brands are often not promoted and go unnoticed leaving little chance for growth. The company's philosophy is to revitalize these brands through innovations in product positioning, packaging, pricing, promotion and consumer marketing.

Insight Pharmaceuticals portfolio includes such notable brands as Anacin(R) Pain Reliever, Sucrets(R) Sore Throat and Cough Lozenges, N'Ice(R) Lozenges, Allerest(R) Allergy Relief, Nostrilla(R) Nasal Spray, Nix(R) Lice Treatment and Bonine(R) Travel Sickness Relief. For more information, visit Insight Pharmaceuticals at

*Source: Insight Research; Sucrets Complete was tested against Chloroseptic(R) and Cepacol(R) individually across 1,150 shoppers and against Halls(R) Max across 440 shoppers.

Insight Pharmaceuticals

CONTACT: Mareya Burton of Integrated Marketing Services, +1-949-797-3117,for Insight Pharmaceuticals; or Barbara I. Wichmann of ArtemiaCommunications, +1-415-351-2227, for Insight Pharmaceuticals

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