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Mouse Specifics, Inc. Granted License To Patented Treadmill For Mice And Rats

10/19/2005 5:09:06 PM

BOSTON, Aug. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Mouse Specifics, Inc. announced a licensing agreement with The CuraVita Corporation to CuraVita's recently patented gait imaging and analysis technology. The patent, U.S. No. 6,899,686, entitled "Method and Apparatus for Monitoring Locomotion Kinematics in Ambulating Animals", covers instrumentation and methodology for gait analysis by imaging the ventral view of subjects walking on a transparent treadmill belt.

Gait analysis is the process of quantification and interpretation of locomotion. In humans, gait analysis is extensively used to quantify how a patient walks, and to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of movement disorders. Gait is disturbed in numerous human conditions, including neurodegenerative disease, stroke, and pain. Mice and rats are widely used in the study of human diseases, but methods for gait analysis in rodents have been lacking. Historically, researchers have applied ink to animals' paws and measured the distances between paw prints; these measurements, however, are often difficult to discern, and are confounded by the variable speeds at which the animals walk.

Mouse Specifics and The CuraVita Corporation developed the DigiGait(TM) Imaging System to record gait dynamics in rodents walking on a transparent treadmill belt. DigiGait(TM) reports over 24 gait indices at walking speeds set by the researcher. This enables more precise and accurate assessment of gait in animal models of human diseases and provides better interpretation of their causes and treatment. To date, the DigiGait(TM) technology has reported new findings regarding motor dysfunction in mouse models of Down syndrome, spinal cord injury, and dystonia. The technology is amenable to the study of mice, rats, and guinea pigs of any size or color.

"This technology is a significant breakthrough for small animal physiology, integrating balance, coordination, strength, and proprioception into one assay", said Thomas G. Hampton, Chief Executive Officer of MSI and founder of CuraVita. Dr. Hampton added, "The issuance of the patent promises to our customers the best gait analysis technology to indicate the causes of gait disturbances and the effects of new drugs in animal models of human diseases." Mouse Specifics, Inc. provides the instrumentation to academic and commercial laboratories that study rodents in their preclinical studies. The instrumentation is complete, including the high-speed digital camera, lighting, image acquisition software, and image analysis software.

About Mouse Specifics, Inc.

Mouse Specifics, Inc. is a leader in the development of instruments for quantifying the effects of genes, disease, and drugs in animal models. The company has commercialized several imaging technologies to non-invasively monitor cardiac function and motor activity in conscious mice without the need for anesthetic or surgery. The company's intellectual property portfolio includes diagnosis and treatment of Duchenne's muscular dystrophy and prevention of ALS. For more information about Mouse Specifics, Inc., visit its website at

Mouse Specifics, Inc.

CONTACT: Emma Catharine of Mouse Specifics, Inc., +1-617-573-5020,

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