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Structural Genomics Group Gains Access To The OriGene TrueClone(TM) Collection For Structural Genomics Program

10/19/2005 5:11:44 PM

ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- OriGene Technologies Inc. today announced the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) located at Oxford University and University of Toronto has accessed the TrueClone(TM) Collection of over 22,000 non-redundant full-length human cDNA clones for use in their structural genomics program.

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The Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to determine the three dimensional structures of proteins of medical relevance, and place them in the public domain without restriction. Announced in April 2003, this initiative receives funding from Canadian and British sponsors, from both the public and private sectors.

The goal of the SGC is to develop the infrastructure and technologies necessary for rapid, parallel, structure determination, with the aim of having the capability to determine 200 protein structures per year. Over the first four years, the SGC will target 350 proteins of medical relevance. Targets will be chosen based on interest from the scientific community, the pharmaceutical industry, expertise within the Consortium and scientific impact.

"The SGC has acquired access to the OriGene collection to more rapidly extend capabilities of creating high quality protein samples for crystallization and structure determination. Access to clones from the OriGene collection combined with other sources will allow us to target the majority of genes in the first phase," commented Michael Sundstrom, Ph.D., Chief Scientist for the Structural Genomics Consortium in Oxford.

The 22,000 human full-length cDNAs in OriGene's TrueClone(TM) Collection are largely derived from cDNA libraries avoiding the artifacts associated with other clone collections isolated by PCR methods. Each cDNA clone matches an annotated mRNA reference sequence from established public domains and housed in non-proprietary expression vectors suitable for transfection and direct in vivo or in vitro expression. The comprehensive nature of the TrueClone(TM) Collection and the uniformity and expression-readiness of the cloning vector uniquely enables a system biology approach to high-throughput screening, functional studies, and protein production.

"OriGene's mission is not only to build the most comprehensive collection of human full-length cDNAs, but also to make it a scientifically useful platform to enable systematic studies of human gene functions," said Karl Kovacs PhD, Vice President of Operations at OriGene.

About OriGene Technologies

OriGene Technologies, a molecular tool provider for system biology studies, utilizes high-throughput gene cloning and gene expression profiling to develop commercially available products for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research and discovery applications. OriGene's flagship product is the TrueClone(TM) Collection, a searchable gene bank of over 22,000 human full-length cDNA clones suitable for transfection and in vivo or direct in vitro expression. The TrueClone(TM) Collection cDNA clones are obtained directly from plasmid cDNA libraries avoiding the sequence errors introduced by other cloning methods. More information about OriGene Technologies and their products can be found at the company's web site at

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