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Chronogen Inc. Appoints New Scientific Advisory Board

10/19/2005 5:11:39 PM

MONTREAL, July 20 /PRNewswire/ - Chronogen Inc. (Montreal, Canada), a drug discovery company developing novel therapeutics to treat oxidative stress and lipid disorders in age-related diseases, announced today the appointment of a new Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), significantly broadening the scope of expertise needed to bring the Company to its next stages of development. These appointments include leading international experts in drug development to treat age-related diseases including diabetes complications, dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis.

The new members are: - Prof. Jean Davignon, M.D, (Montreal), Chairman of the SAB, Director of the Hyperlipidemia and Atherosclerosis Research Group of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal . - Prof. Jean-Charles Fruchart, Pharm.D, Ph.D (Lille-France), Head of the Department of Atherosclerosis at Pasteur Institute and President elect of the International Society of Atherosclerosis. - Prof. Marc Prentki, M.Sc.,Ph.D (Montreal), Director of the Montreal Diabetes Research Center. - Prof. Francesco Violi, M.D (Rome-Italy), Head of Department of Internal Medicine, University "La Sapienza". - Prof. Jean-Claude Tardif, M.D (Montreal), Director of the Research Center of the Montreal Heart Institute.

These members join Prof. Siegfried Hekimi, Ph.D (McGill University- Montreal), CSO of Chronogen.

Commenting on these appointments, Dr Max Fehlmann, President and CEO of Chronogen, said: "the new Scientific Advisory Board reflects the increasing focus on clinical development within Chronogen. We are delighted and proud to announce our new distinguished Scientific Advisory Board, which comprises a unique group of experts in cardiovascular and metabolic diseases."

Brief biography of the SAB members: - Jean Davignon, M.D is Director of the Hyperlipidemia and Atherosclerosis Research Group of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal. His research focuses on hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, lipid-lowering agents and the nutritional aspects of cardiovascular diseases. This extensive research has resulted in the publication of several hundred publications. He participated in several clinical trials. He is a founding member of the Canadian Atherosclerosis Society, the Canadian Association for Familial Hypercholesterolemia and the Canadian Institute of Academic Medicine. - Jean-Charles Fruchart, Pharm.D, Ph.D is Head of the Atherosclerosis Department of the Pasteur Institute of Lille (France). He is President elect of the International Society of Atherosclerosis. He has devoted 30 years of a remarkable scientific career to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that trigger and control metabolic diseases such as atherosclerosis, lipid disorders, and diabetes. Throughout his scientific career, he has published over 670 articles in peer-reviewed journals. In 2003, he was appointed President of the International Task Force for prevention of coronary Heart Disease. - Marc Prentki, Ph.D is Head of the Department of Nutrition of University of Montreal and Director of the Montreal Diabetes Research Center. He acquired a prominent international reputation for his studies of molecular events associated with insulin secretion in health and diabetes. Dr. Prentki participated in the creation of the JDRF Center for (B)-cell Replacement at McGill and University of Montreal. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications. - Jean-Claude Tardif, M.D is Director of the Research Center of the Montreal Heart Institute. He has published over 120 original research articles in peer-reviewed medical journals, as well as numerous reviews and book chapters in the areas of advanced diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes, atherosclerosis, antioxidants and their relationship with cardiovascular diseases. As cardiologist, Dr Tardif has conducted several clinical trials in this field. - Francesco Violi, M.D is Professor of Internal Medicine at University "La Sapienza", Rome (Italy). His research focus is atherosclerosis, diabetes and thrombosis related to Oxidative stress. He coordinated several clinical trials in this field. Through his scientific career, he has published 210 articles in international journals, including publications on antioxidants.

Professor Siegfried Hekimi, founder and CSO of Chronogen, comments: "The members of our new committee belong to well-known scientific associations, and prestigious editorial boards. Most of them are also consultants for some of the largest international pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. With the appointment of these distinguished experts of outstanding scientific reputation, Chronogen is decisively transforming itself into a product-driven specialty pharmaceutical company."

About Chronogen Inc.

Chronogen Inc., a privately-held drug discovery company, is a leader in the identification of drug targets that control metabolic pathways underlying age-related diseases. Chronogen has developed unique rapid and reliable in vivo assays aimed at the identification of small molecules affecting cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The mission of Chronogen is to design and develop innovative small-molecule drugs to decrease the production of Reactive Oxygen Species in oxidative stress related diseases including vascular complications of diabetes and reperfusion injury as well as Low Density Lipoproteins in dyslipidemia.

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