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Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. Announces The Release Of The Newest PEAKS, Version 2.4

10/19/2005 5:10:14 PM

Sep.8, 2004 -- BSI (Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.) today announced the official release of PEAKS 2.4, the latest version of the reputable protein and peptide analysis software. PEAKS uses tandem mass spectrometry data from any instrument, in many common file formats. It searches through a database to find proteins that are present in the sample and will provide reliable de novo peptide sequences even if the sample comes from an organism not in the database. While maintaining supremacy in de novo sequencing of peptides, PEAKS implemented a new and unique approach to protein ID. In this latest release, PEAKS pulls ahead of the most widely used method, showing fewer falsely identified proteins. Perhaps even more significant are the advances in de novo sequencing accuracy and confidence scores. With the latest improvements, PEAKS identifies many times more correct sequences than any other de novo sequencing tools we’ve compared against. PEAKS 2.4 has been fine tuned for FT-ICR to take advantage of the considerable mass accuracy and resolution of those instruments. Fragmentation, noise, accuracy, and resolution vary with each instrument type. With PEAKS 2.4 researchers “… only need to use one software package for any instrument in their labs – be it ion trap, QTof, or FT,” says Bin Ma, CTO of BSI. Peaks may be the only de novo software that actively considers instrument type, allowing for more intelligent analysis and more accurate results. “Bioinformatics software is our focus. We only sell software, so it has to be the best, not just an extra that comes with an instrument,” says Ming Li, CEO of BSI, “and the development must adapt to the needs of the researcher.” PEAKS 2.4’s interface enhancements were inspired by feedback from customers and include: a peptide mass calculator tool, HTML based reporting, spreadsheet compatible exporting, and listing of unassigned spectra with their respective de novo sequences.

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