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Inpharmatica Announces PharmaCarta(TM) Partnership With Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

10/19/2005 5:12:32 PM

LONDON, January 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Inpharmatica Ltd, the drug discovery company, today announced a series of agreements with Pfizer. This provides Pfizer with access to four core components of Inpharmatica's PharmaCarta(TM) gene to candidate technology platform. These components are provided to Pfizer in addition to their Biopendium(TM) subscription, which now moves into its sixth year. The financial terms of the agreement are not disclosed.

Inpharmatica will use its proprietary technology for target druggability assessment; Pfizer will gain access to StARLITe(TM), a database containing 20 years of curated medicinal chemistry information on compound structure and bioactivity linked to targets; to DrugStore(TM), a curated database of all known drugs, linked with their targets; and to Admensa(TM), Inpharmatica's proprietary technology for assessing the ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion) characteristics of therapeutic compounds and compound libraries.

PharmaCarta(TM) is Inpharmatica's gene to candidate platform, which bridges the gap between biology and chemistry. PharmaCarta facilitates target selection through druggability assessment linked to electronic identification of potential compounds biased for good drug-like characteristics.

Commenting on the announcement, John Lisle, Chief Executive Officer of Inpharmatica, said:

"This is a very exciting partnership for Inpharmatica. Pfizer has been a long-standing customer of Inpharmatica by subscribing to Biopendium(TM), and we are very pleased that this relationship has now grown to encompass additional components of Inpharmatica's PharmaCarta platform. In particular we are delighted to be adding value to Pfizer's already world class expertise in assessing target druggability through their use of our technology. We look forward to this new partnership with Pfizer."

Inpharmatica: (

Founded in 1998, Inpharmatica Ltd is a drug discovery company using predictive technologies to improve speed and productivity. Focusing on highly druggable targets, its unique proprietary platform, PharmaCarta(TM), is an integrated suite of informatics-based technologies fully capable of rapid gene to candidate operations. Inpharmatica's lead discovery programme is focused on generating pre-clinical candidates against 16 novel nuclear receptors - proteins widely considered to be both druggable and of high therapeutic interest.

The Company employs approximately 100 professionals in UK and North America. Inpharmatica has sales/collaboration partnerships with Serono, Pfizer, GSK, Aventis, P&G, Daiichi, Riken, Taisho, Chugai, UCB Pharma, Ionix, CellZome and MDL.

Inpharmatica Ltd

CONTACT: Contacts: Inpharmatica Ltd, John Lisle, Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Tel: +44-(0)20-7074-4600; Dr Vimal Mehta, SVP BusinessDevelopment, Tel: +1-203-453-6525; Andrew Lloyd & Associates,Andrew Lloyd, Tel: +44-(0)1273-675100

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