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DrugLogic, Inc. Announces New Name And New Focus On The Qscan Drug Safety Product Line

10/19/2005 5:10:32 PM

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 11, 2003--The developer and marketer of the premier drug safety data and analytical tool product line - Qscan(TM) - today announced it has changed its name to DrugLogic, Inc. DrugLogic(TM) will be operating the business that DrugLogic acquired from QED Solutions, Inc. in June 2003. The new name establishes a clearer link to DrugLogic's renewed focus on the pharmaceutical industry including the database products Qscan-FDA(TM), and Qscan-World(TM) as well as the systems product for internal use by pharmaceutical companies on their own data, Qscan-PRO(TM).

"The change represents a return-to-basics, and the focus on the human and logical aspects of data mining that we support," says president, Vic Gogolak, in McLean, Virginia last week. "We want to remind our clients that we support their efforts to make drugs safer, and we do it with software that includes a browser that mines data intelligently. We provide tools that stay within the user's thought cycle. We do retain a very sophisticated string of analytical tools, but ultimately, it is the logical interpretation of results that is critical, not the complex algorithms."

DrugLogic will continue to offer professional services as part of a total safety solution for its clients. DrugLogic recently added a San Diego to the Washington and Boston offices to support better west coast clients and provide longer live service across the country.

"We are tremendously enthusiastic about the role we can play in enhancing the safety of drugs at all stages of development, and this new focus highlights how important human interpretation is in the use of data. This is especially true in medicine, where experience and judgment are critical," says VP of Marketing and Sales, Paul Zapert in DrugLogic's Boston office.

DrugLogic will continue its pattern of regular improvements, and just two weeks ago added significant new features to the Qscan line, features that go across all versions so the user has only one system to learn and apply. "This greatly reduces the learning curve for what is a very sophisticated and powerful tool, yet it yields results that are familiar to the physicians and drug company professionals that use the product. This is a wonderfully intuitive product," says Bob Nelson of RCN Associate, DrugLogic's new alliance partner in the expanded set of DrugLogic's offerings.

DrugLogic's drug safety business was founded in 1998 to develop products and services to analyze drug adverse event and other clinical data. The tools are especially aimed at the difficult tasks of understanding spontaneously reported data, and the multidimensional aspect of those data. It maintains a headquarters office in Reston, Virginia that also houses development and operations. Boston, Massachusetts and San Diego, California support sales and administration, as well as extended support. DrugLogic's clients include many small and mid-sized drug and biotech companies as well as large pharmaceutical companies. DrugLogic has established co-marketing agreements with several firms in the drug safety arena, including leading consulting, research, academic and software suppliers in the industry.


DrugLogic, Inc. Paul Zapert, 1-800-393-1313

Source: DrugLogic, Inc.

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