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EiRx Therapeutics Ltd. Announces Filing Of Patent Applications For New Drug Candidates

10/19/2005 5:09:09 PM

Cork, Ireland, 16th August 2005 - EiRx Therapeutics plc (AIM: ERX), the drug discovery company developing targeted therapies for cancer, is pleased to announce the filing of patent applications describing new drug candidates with potential value as treatments for a range of cancers including colorectal and breast tumours.

EiRx scientists used the company's proprietary ALIBITM and EnPADTM technologies to target APC-?-catenin signalling, a cellular control pathway known to play a major role in the majority of cases of colorectal cancer, as well as in several other tumour types. A custom-designed EnPADTM cell line was used to screen a focused library of drug-like, kinase inhibitor compounds, resulting in the discovery of a series of related compounds with selective activity against transformed cell types including colorectal and breast cancer cell lines. The company has now submitted patent applications to protect these novel therapeutic candidates in key global markets. The EnPADTM technology development programme was funded in part by the Marie Curie Transfer Of Knowledge grant awarded to the company in late 2004.

Commenting on the discovery, EiRx's Research Director Dr Finbarr Murphy said: "We are delighted by the success of our new EnPADTM technology, which has quickly demonstrated its ability to identify novel drug candidates targeted against specific biological pathways. The lead compound series that we have patented will now be advanced into in vivo efficacy studies and a programme of rapid lead optimisation. These new drug candidates represent an important milestone in EiRx's campaign to develop a clinical-stage product portfolio."

EiRx Chairman John Pool said: "this latest advance proves the potential of EiRx's new EnPADTM technology to drive value creation through discovery of new drug candidates, either to enlarge our in-house product pipeline or as a revenue generating service offered to collaborative partners".

For further information, please contact:

EiRx Therapeutics plc John Pool, Chairman 01260 226529 Buchanan Communications Tim Anderson / Mark Court / Mary-Jane Johnson 020 7466 5000

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