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Linden Bioscience Announces Expression Snapshot mRNA Archiving Kit

10/19/2005 5:10:12 PM

Enables amplification of RNA while preserving an archive of the original sample for future transcription and expression analysis

WOBURN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 2003-- Linden Bioscience today introduced its Expression Snapshot(TM) mRNA Archiving Kit. The RNA amplification kit targets researchers performing gene expression analysis studies with RNA samples requiring amplification and that are difficult to obtain, such as rare or limited clinical samples, or expensive to produce. Unlike all currently available methods, which consume the sample RNA during the amplification process, Expression Snapshot provides an archival dsDNA representation of the original RNA sample that may be stored and retranscribed repeatedly over several months. Thus, Expression Snapshot provides aRNA for reanalysis in the case of experiment failure or for future studies.

"Researchers can now conduct multiple expression studies - as is often needed - with precious tissue samples," said Dr. Beverly Brown, vice president of business development at Linden Bioscience. "Our Expression Snapshot mRNA Kit couples the advantages of the most widely accepted amplification methods for microarray studies while preserving an archived profile for further amplification and analysis."

Expression Snapshot is the commercialization of the company's innovative Solid-Phase Transcription Chain Reaction (SP-TCR) technology which features a million-fold amplification of mRNA with conservation of RT-PCR gene ratio profiles, as well as the ability to archive samples.

Expression Snapshot includes all of the reagents needed to perform the Eberwine mRNA amplification procedure on the samples, including reverse transcription, 2nd strand DNA synthesis and T7 RNA polymerase transcription. The kit also includes eight specially treated microwells, wherein the mRNA is captured, the double-stranded cDNA (dsDNA) generated and the in vitro transcription process occurs. With Expression Snapshot, the dsDNA - representing the profile of the mRNA of the original sample - remains once the amplified mRNA product is removed from the wells. The wells may then be stored at 4degreesC and retranscribed repeatedly to provide aRNA for subsequent experiments.

The company will also soon be launching an Expression Snapshot Retranscription Kit, specially-designed to produced highest fidelity amplification mRNA from Expression Snapshot archives.

About Linden Bioscience

Linden Bioscience rapidly integrates cutting-edge technology in functional genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and computational biology into an Applied Systems Biology(TM) technology platform. The company uses this platform to discover and validate disease biomarkers, targets and therapeutics. Through its Applied Systems Biology approach, the company's vision is to - on its own and with partners - rapidly develop drugs with greater efficacy and safety as compared to those developed using traditional processes. Linden Bioscience is located in Woburn, Massachusetts. Additional information may be found at

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Note: This product is made and sold under license from Incyte Corporation, US Pat: 5,716,785, 5,891,636, and 6,291,170.


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