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Plexon Inc. Announces East China Normal University Utilizes MAP System for Neural Research Into Alzheimer

10/19/2005 5:10:57 PM

DALLAS, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Plexon Inc. today announced East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai has equipped its new Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics with four of Plexon's Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) Systems for neural signal acquisition and analysis research on Alzheimer's disease. ECNU marks Plexon's first product sale in China and the company plans to continue expanding marketing efforts in the country. The use of Plexon's MAP System allows for the acquisition of neural data, which enables ECNU to further research on the function of genes and their dynamic interactions at the molecular, physiological and behavioral levels and to discover the gene mutation responsible for the early onset of Alzheimer's disease.

"We are pleased East China Normal University will utilize Plexon's MAP System for the acquisition and analysis of neural data for their genetic research in Alzheimer's disease," said Harvey Wiggins, Plexon's founder and president. "East China Normal University's use of our neurotechnology products marks an important milestone for Plexon as it initiates our products' entrance into the neuroscience research market in China. Plexon's MAP System is unique compared to other systems on the market for it's 'large channel count' and ability to display data for immediate use."

"Plexon's MAP System was chosen for use at the Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics for its advanced functionality and ease of use in analyzing neural signals from many electrodes simultaneously," stated Dr. Joe Tsien, director of the Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics at East China Normal University and assistant professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.

The MAP System is a large-scale data acquisition hardware system that allows neuroscientists to record and process high-frequency brain signals ("spikes") from individual neurons, as well as lower-frequency analog signals. The system's software also provides real-time, three-dimensional display of neuronal activity, which can be used to visualize and analyze the data.

About Plexon's Products

Multichannel Acquisition Processor (MAP) System sets the standard in neurophysiological research for programmable amplification, filtering and real-time spike sorting of multi-electrode signals.

In addition to the MAP system, Plexon also develops and markets other neural data acquisition and recording hardware and software:

* Offline Sorter - Sophisticated software program that speeds up the process of selecting and classifying previously recorded neural data. * Recorder - Data acquisition software program for recording spikes and analog signals. * VideoTracker - Video interface tool (hardware and software) that tracks the position of a laboratory animal in an experimental environment. The data collected with VideoTracker is incorporated with other neuronal data for later analysis. About Plexon

Plexon Inc. provides innovative data acquisition hardware and software for recording and analyzing signals from the brain and nervous system. Based in Dallas, Texas, Plexon supplies tools for basic brain and nervous system communication research, neural biosensors for drug and environmental screening, brain-machine interfaces and neuroprosthetics for the growing neurotechnology industry. Plexon's current customers include over 250 domestic and international academic research labs, research hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and military labs. For more information about the company and its products, call 214-369-4957 or visit

About East China Normal University

East China Normal University (ECNU) established the Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics in 2002, in Shanghai, China. Brain Functional Genomics presents a new multidisciplinary field that aims to study the function of genes and their dynamical interactions through systematic analyses at molecular, physiological and behavioral levels in both genetically modified and unmodified animals. For more information on the Shanghai Institute of Brain Functional Genomics, please visit or for more information on ECNU, please visit

Contact: Susan Vaughan Plexon Inc. 214-369-4957 Email:

Plexon Inc.

CONTACT: Susan Vaughan of Plexon Inc., +1-214-369-4957,

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