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Genomics Collaborative And Celestar-Lexico Sciences To Develop Large-Scale Histological Database Of Human Breast Cancer Gene Expression

10/19/2005 5:10:38 PM

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. & WESTWOOD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 31, 2004-- Leader in Genetics Samples Provision and Target Validation Partners With Pioneer in Large-Scale Profiling of Histological Gene Expression to Test Concept for Developing Breast Cancer Diagnostics and Therapies

In an innovative attempt towards the identification of novel breast cancer genes, Genomics Collaborative, Inc. (GCI) and Celestar-Lexico Sciences, Inc., today announced their partnership to create a large-scale profile of genes expressed in human breast cancer, utilizing Celestar's "Large-scale in-situ Hybridization" (LisH(TM)) technology, and leveraging GCI's Global Repository(R) of human biological samples in DNA, serum and tissue. The collaboration with GCI will be Celestar's first collaboration utilizing the LisH(TM) technique with human tissue samples.

The partnership aims to document differences in gene expression between human breast cancer and normal breast tissue samples by applying the LisH(TM) technology on a sample of well annotated tissue samples provided by GCI. In an initial pilot study, expression of a modest set of target genes and cell cycle genes will be tested in tissue affected by human breast cancer and normal tissues. The set of genes to be tested was extracted from PubMed abstracts related to breast cancer using Celestar's proprietary text mining system, MedTAK(TM). If the pilot study is successful, GCI and Celestar will increase the scale of the expression database, and ultimately partner to market the database to pharma clients worldwide.

Celestar pioneered its LisH(TM) technique by building massive gene expression databases, such as its LisH(TM) Standard Mouse Database, which comprises 2,200 genes in eight different tissue types in normal mice, in a database of over 25,000 LisH images. LisH(TM) provides micrographs showing expression of specific individual genes in normal and/or diseased tissues, creating a gene expression image database. Researchers can use the product contents as reference data against their own experimental data from diseased tissue samples or tissue samples taken after drug treatment. Such comparisons can significantly enhance the discovery of disease-related genes, and the evaluation of efficacy and safety for drug candidates, especially when analyzed in the context of extensively phenotyped data.

According to Dr. Hirofumi Doi, Founder, Celestar-Lexico Sciences, "The purpose of the project is to develop the highest-quality reference data for breast cancer-related gene research, as well as drug applicability and drug metabolism. GCI's Global Repository(R) and Celestar's LisH(TM) technology and processes are highly complementary and uniquely suited to this undertaking."

Kevin Krenitsky M.D,, Sr. Vice President of Business Development at GCI, said, "Our goal is to contribute to the accuracy and reliability of identification of genes that may indicate breast cancer, and put that knowledge to practical use in drug development and diagnostics. We look forward to promising outcomes to share with the pharma research community."

About Celestar-Lexico Sciences, Inc.

Celestar Lexico-Sciences, Inc. is an international life sciences, biomedical and biological R&D company committed to providing novel insights into human healthcare by developing advanced technologies for creating new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Through a base of expertise spanning biotechnology, IT and bioinformatics, Celestar has developed a diverse collection of innovative proprietary technologies for understanding disease mechanisms, drug mechanisms and toxicity, to enhance pharmaceutical companies' drug development capabilities and processes.

Celestar's technologies include LisH(TM) (Large-scale in-situ Hybridization), for comparing mRNA localization at the cellular level across different tissues on a large scale and at high speed; PPIP(TM), an in silico method for predicting protein-protein interactions; and MedTAK(TM), Celestar's proprietary, natural-language text mining system for biomedical literature to increase research productivity, co-developed with IBM Japan, Ltd.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael McManus at or visit

About Genomics Collaborative

Genomics Collaborative, Inc. (GCI) is pioneering the application of human genetics to target validation for drug discovery and diagnostics. GCI's drug validation programs combine access to its Global Repository(R) of human DNA, tissue and serum with insights from its highly specialized team of scientists.

Open access to the specimens within GCI's Global Repository(R) allows clients to gain insight into a potential target's value in humans at the earliest possible stages of drug discovery and development. The result is rapid prioritization of the most promising targets for clinical development, potentially shaving years from the discovery-to-commercial drug development pipeline.

Leveraging Global Repository(R), GCI offers a spectrum of services ranging from fee-for-service access to human tissue, DNA, and serum samples to customized gene expression and candidate gene validation studies. Global Repository(R) is the world's largest and most comprehensive library of 550,000 human genetic samples and detailed clinical records, collected from 120,000 patients representing important populations worldwide. GCI's samples represent most pharmaceutically relevant disease states, including common and rare cancers, as well as inflammatory, endocrine, and cardiovascular disorders, and more.

GCI has signed more than 100 partnerships and access agreements with over 40 pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies, including Pfizer, Inc., Novartis AG, Celera Diagnostics, and Johnson & Johnson, Inc.

For more information, contact Kevin Krenitsky, MD at 617-661-2400, or visit


Genomics Collaborative, Inc. Kevin Krenitsky, MD, 617-661-2400 or

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