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Purely Proteins Limited And Inhibox Ltd. Launch Combined Drug Screening Programs

10/19/2005 5:11:00 PM

CAMBRIDGE, England, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Purely Proteins Ltd (Cambridge, UK) and Inhibox Ltd (Oxford, UK) today announced the launch of commercial drug discovery services based on their combined proprietary computational and laboratory-based screening technologies.

This platform is commencing with the immediate launch of discovery-ready drug screening programs for families of human phosphatases, kinases and proteases. Key members of these families, such as PTP-1B, c-abl and beta-secretase, are proven therapeutic targets in life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Other therapeutic targets of immediate interest to clients can also be accessed on a fee-for-service basis.

The screening process involves the selection of highly specific virtual drugs against defined therapeutic targets from billions of putative starting compounds, using Inhibox's proprietary computational processes. The resulting highly selected compounds are synthesized and tested in Purely Proteins' comprehensive drug screening platforms. Experimental datasets are then made available for licensing either as new modules within Purely Proteins' existing relational database product TargetBASE, or as patented, early-stage licensing candidates.

TargetBASE already houses detailed structural, biochemical and pharmacological information about therapeutically relevant protein families. This new, experimentally exemplified chemical information will expand its content into the new field of chemical proteomics.

Commenting on the program, Purely Protein's Chief Executive Officer, Dr David Bailey, said, "We are delighted to be working with Inhibox, a company with extensive experience in computer-based drug screening and computational chemistry. The combination of Purely Proteins' expertise in purifying and assaying families of human proteins with the extreme power of Inhibox's computational screening will add significant value to both companies' products very rapidly."

Dr Paul Finn, Chief Executive Officer of Inhibox, said, "Purely Proteins is an ideal partner for Inhibox. Our technologies have been developed to exploit large-scale virtual screening opportunities such as those presented by the human proteome, which we can reduce to practice through Purely Proteins' extensive portfolio of discovery screens. Together, we can rapidly convert in silico designs into validated drug opportunities for new pharma and biotech clients. The collaboration with Purely Proteins is also an attractive mechanism for further progression of the results of the Internet-based Cancer Screensaver Initiative."

Purely Proteins

Purely Proteins (PP) has been established to exploit the increasing need for human proteins in pharmaceutical research. The company purifies suites of human proteins, as both drug targets and bio-therapeutics, using proprietary processes that ensure both high purity and biological activity. PP also offers drug-screening services, backed by state-of-the-art informatics, to examine therapeutic targeting to these proteins. More details about PP, its products, and its screening services can be found at


Inhibox, a recent spinout company from the Oxford University Chemistry Department, specializes in automated computational approaches for virtual screening of compounds, using its molecular database comprising 35 million commercial and combinatorial library compounds and high-throughput grid computing based hardware platforms. In addition Inhibox is developing novel docking algorithms and offers broader computational chemistry services. Inhibox is a partner in the Internet-based Cancer Screensaver Initiative ( Further information about Inhibox can be found at

Contacts Dr David Bailey Chief Executive Officer Purely Proteins 254 Cambridge Science Park Cambridge CB4 0WE United Kingdom Tel: +44 1223 426400 Fax: +44 1223 426003 Email: Web: Dr Paul Finn Chief Executive Officer Inhibox Ltd Central Chemistry Dept. South Parks Road Oxford OX1 3QH United Kingdom Tel: +44 01865 275424 Fax: +44 01865 275905 Email: Web:

Purely Proteins Ltd

CONTACT: Dr David Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of Purely Proteins,+44-1223-426400, fax, +44-1223-426003,; orDr Paul Finn, Chief Executive Officer of Inhibox Ltd, +44-01865-275424, fax,+44-01865-275905,

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