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Nautilus Biotech And Creabilis Therapeutics Enter Collaboration Agreement On Novel Therapeutic Protein

10/19/2005 5:10:26 PM

IVREA, Italy and PARIS, France, September 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Nautilus Biotech SA and Creabilis Therapeutics SRL today signed a collaboration agreement for the identification and development of an improved variant of CT500, a non-antibody protein selected by Creabilis Therapeutics, with antagonist activity against HMGB1.

HMGB1 is a DNA binding chemo-cytokine that has become in the last years a relevant drug target, due to its key and in some cases causative role in several pathological conditions. The new anti-HMGB1 variant protein, object of the agreement, is expected to have potential applications in various acute and chronic clinical indications such as autoimmune diseases, infective diseases, sepsis, tumours, cardiovascular and also neurologic and amyloid pathologies.

Nautilus' proprietary technology for protein evolution, based on systematic mutagenesis and already successfully applied to a number of well known therapeutic proteins, will be used to improve the pharmacodynamic profile of CT500.

M.Vega, CEO of Nautilus Biotech comments: "So far our technology has been applied to marketed proteins, such as IFN alpha and IFN beta, to improve them by single point amino-acid substitution to create new products with highly competitive PK/PD characteristics compared to the marketed counterparts. This agreement allows us to apply the same methodology to a novel protein at a very early stage of development. It is a good demonstration on the flexibility of our approach that can be used to improve lead proteins right after the discovery phase."

"We are most confident - said Creabilis Therapeutics CEO Silvano Fumero - that Nautilus technology will allow to obtain an improved candidate drug with higher and competitive pharmacological and clinical potential. This collaborative project perfectly complement the most promising line of research of our Company aimed to identify and develop new antagonists of relevant DNA-binding proteins, such as HMGB1. Our proprietary technology platform has already allowed to obtain a series of bent DNA/PNA chimeras and hybrids, now in phase of lead optimisation. The improved variant of CT500 is expected to enter into pre-clinical phase, together with the DNA/PNA lead in the second half of next year."

The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. About Creabilis Therapeutics

Creabilis Therapeutics is a privately owned drug-discovery and development company, founded in 2003 and located inside the Bioindustry Park of Canavese, Ivrea, near Turin. The company activity is mainly focused on DNA-binding proteins, such as HMGB1 and tat, as pharmacological targets for novel classes of inhibitors/antagonists to be developed as therapeutics in relevant clinical indications. The portfolio is complemented with selected projects in related biochemical or clinical areas. Additional information on Creabilis Therapeutics can be obtained from either or by e-mail:

About Nautilus Biotech

Nautilus Biotech is focused to improving therapeutic protein pharmaceuticals and next generation products. Nautilus is a privately owned company founded in 2000 and which has since generated a pipeline of improved therapeutic protein molecules with single point amino acid substitutions using its proprietary protein evolution technologies. Improved IFN alpha (Belerofon[TM]) and IFN beta presently in pre-clinical stage are Nautilus' lead molecules. Nautilus has IP claims on 20 other improved therapeutic proteins. Additional information on Nautilus Biotech can be obtained from either or by e-mail:

Nautilus Biotech

CONTACT: Contacts: Jon Watts, VP Business Development, Nautilus Biotech,, tel : + 44-1488-670-130; SilvanoFumero, CEO, Creabilis Therapeutics,, tel: + 39-0125-53543

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