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SuperArray Bioscience Corporation Agrees To Provide Focused Microarrays To Eurogentec S.A.

10/19/2005 5:12:17 PM

FREDERICK, Md., and LIEGE, Belgium, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- SuperArray Bioscience Corporation, a provider of Pathway-Centric Tools and Technology(TM), and Eurogentec S.A., a Belgium-based supplier of products and services for European life science companies, announced an agreement for Eurogentec to use SuperArray's cDNA GEArray focused DNA microarray platform for product development.

Under the terms of the agreement, Eurogentec may purchase cDNA microarray and accessory kit inventory from SuperArray under a regionally exclusive OEM agreement. Eurogentec may repackage the raw material as a unique Eurogentec product and then independently promote, market, sell, and distribute the product to its customer base in the European Union.

For several months Eurogentec has been initiating a new "Pathway Specific" strategy. A continuous Research and Development effort regularly releases new Real Time PCR ready to use assays, dedicated siRNA kits or validated FRET Peptides. This agreement fits perfectly with this strategy and allows Eurogentec to complement its existing microarray services and consumable products with an established "Pathway Specific" microarray platform. By adding this comprehensive set of Pathway Specific cDNA GEArray microarrays, Eurogentec will be able to provide a complete range of dedicated tools to help its customers to speed up their discoveries.

Offering its original technology to another provider allows SuperArray to focus on its latest generation of pathway-focused DNA microarrays, the Oligo GEArray. This new microarray platform takes advantage of a streamlined and reproducible manufacturing process providing researchers with an even more robust and cost-effective microarray. Oligo GEArrays are quickly being produced that represent the same biological pathways and applications covered by the current cDNA GEArray product line as well as other new popular content such as comprehensive gene lists for cancer, immunology, neuroscience and other research applications. Even as the company implements this innovation, SuperArray plans to continue supporting research performed by its current cDNA GEArray customers.

The advent of the Oligo GEArray helps SuperArray Bioscience maintain its position as a leading producer of Pathway-Centric Tools and Technology(TM), life science products designed for specific biological applications. In combination with its real-time and conventional PCR products for array data verification as well as its RNA Interference and other cell-based assays for exploring gene function, the company's microarrays provides researchers with all of the resources needed to perform complete and systematic studies of their biological system on a pathway basis. SuperArray will continue to provide all of these products to its customer base, which includes researchers in the United States and in many regions of the globe with the help of continuing partnerships with its worldwide distributors.

About SuperArray

SuperArray Bioscience Corporation, founded in 1998, is a privately held biotechnology company that develops and markets a broad range of innovative and cost-effective research tools absolutely based on current knowledge and understanding of important biological pathways. The company's goal is always to provide practical research tools that accelerate, simplify and improve life science research.

SuperArray's pathway-focused microarray products, RNA interference products, and PCR products are complementary research tools by design. This powerful tool set forms an integrated platform for the systematic study of a single gene, or an entire collection of genes, on a pathway-by-pathway basis. The planned gene overlap among the three sets of tools accelerates the study of important disease state and cell function pathways.

All of SuperArray's products are sophisticated research tools, but they are also specifically designed to be cost effective and easy to implement. Only commonly found laboratory facilities and equipment are required to get started. Additionally, SuperArray provides thorough, proven protocols and excellent technical support to complete each product.

SuperArray Bioscience's scientists continue to use the most current knowledge and understanding of important pathways to ensure that our research tools and services will accelerate, simplify and improve life science research for our customers.

About Eurogentec

Eurogentec was founded in 1985 as a spin-off of the University of Liege (Belgium). Its mission is to design and deliver reliable and innovative services and products for the Life-Science community. As a leading supplier for genomic and proteomic research, Eurogentec is able to offer its customers integrated solutions, whether they use DNA, antibodies, peptides or proteins as research tools. Eurogentec also offers research and development services for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Eurogentec's headquarters are located in the LIEGE Science Park. The Company has subsidiaries in France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and a branch office in Switzerland. In 1999 Eurogentec acquired Oswel Research Products in Southampton, which is now Eurogentec Ltd. In August 2001, the company took another strategic step establishing Nippon EGT joint venture in Japan. In May 2002, Eurogentec opened a North American office in Philadelphia. The geographical expansion of Eurogentec continued in 2003 thanks to a partnership in Singapore with Research Biolabs and to the acquisition of an oligonucleotide production facility in San Diego (CA, USA) that is now part of EGT North America.

The expansion has also been marked by the move of our headquarters to a brand new building which will enable us to reinforce the streamlining of our genomic and proteomic processes.

The EGT Group currently employs 315 people including 33 PhDs. Revenues grew from euro 12.3 million in 1998 to euro 33.3 million in 2003/2004. In 2001, Eurogentec has been awarded "Belgium's entrepreneur of the Year." In 2002, Eurogentec received the Walloon Region award for exports in Europe.

SuperArray Bioscience Corporation

CONTACT: Dr. Xiao Zeng, Director of Business and Product Development, ofSuperArray Bioscience Corporation, +1-888-503-3187, +1-301-682-9200,; or Frederic Schwinte, Senior Product Manager, ofEurogentec, +32-0-4-372-74-00, fax: +32-0-4-372-75-00,

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